This policy sets out Content that is prohibited on VOOV (and is in addition to any Content or other actions prohibited pursuant to our Acceptable Use Policy). Please note that:

  • any prohibited Content uploaded on VOOV will be removed;
  • we may terminate the VOOV account of any user who uploads any prohibited Content on VOOV; and
  • we may also remove any Content at any time, for any reason and at our sole discretion.

What is “Content“? Content is defined in the VOOV User Agreement. It includes any of the following:

  • the uploaded Content, including its subject matters and/or materials;
  • the title/name of the Content; and
  • the profile/broadcast image of the Content or the relevant VJ / end user.

We prohibit any Content that is broadcasted:

  • at any inappropriate or illegal venues (e.g. casinos, military locations and bath centers);
  • while performing dangerous activities or otherwise in breach of applicable laws (e.g. broadcasting while driving);
  • at any locations that may breach third party’s privacy rights (e.g. fitting rooms); or
  • at any other locations where you do not have the rights to do so.

We prohibit any Content that includes any of the following:

  • Tencent“, “VOOV“, any other Tencent-controlled trademarks or other terms implying a connection with or endorsement from Tencent;
  • the names of, or any other (express or implicit) advertisements of, competing platforms;
  • illegal, slanderous, misleading, obscene, pornographic, violent (including exhibiting firearms and sexual violence), degrading, abusive, hateful, racist or racially sensitive and/or vulgar or seditious material;
  • inappropriate, or otherwise objectionable dress;
  • any material involving or promoting illegal drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling, criminal or other inappropriate subject matters or materials;
  • any prohibited or otherwise inappropriate activities in relation to any animals, including animal cruelty;
  • any material that may be discriminatory in any manner, including racial, religious, occupational, gender, disability or LGBT-related discrimination;
  • disclosure of any third party’s personal data or would otherwise breach their privacy rights;
  • harassment, bullying, defamation, intimidation, threats of violence, encouraging self-harming, or other inappropriate interactions with end users or other third parties;
  • long periods of inactivity during broadcasts;
  • material that displays, promotes or encourages any illegal activities or organizations; or
  • material that may be dangerous to children and youths.
  • a direct threat to the public and/or personal safety, or incites violence or encourages dangerous activities that may have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death;
  • is intended to recruit for terrorist organizations, celebrate terrorist attacks or otherwise promote acts of terrorism;

We further prohibit any Content that:

  • may infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights or other rights including any defamatory or libelous Content; or
  • is otherwise prohibited by Tencent (including under the Acceptable Use Policy) and/or any applicable laws and regulations.

You specifically acknowledge that certain prohibited Content may constitute or evidence a crime in your territory and consequently, may be reported to the relevant authorities for prosecution.

You must always have due regard to the fact that your Content may appear on television (DStv) and conduct yourself accordingly using common sense and good judgement.  We specifically warn you against discussing any personal sensitive issues, especially if other people are affected thereby.  Also, you may not conduct yourself in an inflammatory or objectionable way, or say or do anything that creates a hostile environment, or conduct yourself in any manner which may damage, prejudice or compromise our or DSTV’s reputation, goodwill or image (including by making disparaging or derogatory comments about us or DSTV).  Note that your inclusion of purported disclaimers (such as prefacing your damaging content by saying something like ‘my views are not those of VOOV, Tencent or DSTV’) will not serve to render your behavior any less damaging and will still be regarded as being prohibited under this policy.